Tropical Birding is an international tour operator specializing in birding, nature, and nature photography tours. We’ve been in business for fifteen years, we now run over 100 tours per year, and our list of destinations is over 70 countries and growing. Why come with us? Quite simply, because we are one of the best in the business. Keep reading to find out why.

Fun and knowledgeable guides who love what they do. You can’t have a great trip without a great guide. Our guides are full-time professionals who are passionate about their work and take pleasure in sharing their knowledge and making sure you get as much joy out of a tour as possible. They all understand that the trip is about seeing wildlife and having a great time, not to prove how great they are to others. Even when not guiding, our guides are often in the field, chasing down birds and other animals they want to see, taking photos, writing field guides, searching out new locations we can run trips to, or just enjoying nature. They live all over the world; we have guides based not just in North America, but also the UK, Ecuador, Taiwan, South Africa, Madagascar, and Australia.

Small and diverse tour groups. Our group sizes average smaller than those of most of our competitors, often limited to eight participants. This makes a big difference, especially in forest-based tours where the birds and other animals are often shy. Our photography tours have even smaller groups, usually limited to a maximum of six participants. While most of our clients hail from North America, we frequently have an interesting mix of nationalities in our tour groups, including Aussies, South Africans, New Zealanders, Brits, Europeans, and others.

Diverse operations centres. We now have operations centres on four continents: North America, South America, Asia and Africa. This makes us pretty much open for business 24 hours a day, and we are close to the ground, and able to customise and run small group tours that other companies quite simply can not. 

Superb itineraries. Our itineraries visit not just the classic ecotourism hotspots, but also a variety of other destinations you may not have considered before. Check out the various pages on our website, and if you need more information about any location, just email or call us, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about it. Itineraries are well-researched and kept up-to-date; we often change them based on feedback from both our guides and tour participants. And we are always quick to take advantage when a great new locality or wildlife attraction becomes available.

Competitive prices. We aim to strike a balance between high-quality services and competitive prices. We don’t cut corners if it means missing wildlife, but we also feel it is not necessary to have a 5-star luxury hotel when something elegant and clean, but slightly cheaper, will do just fine. The majority of our tours include things like internal flights, tips to local drivers and guides, and airport transfers. When comparing prices, check to see what our competitors include. Our fully inclusive services are hassle free. While we may not be the cheapest, if you take into account the itinerary, superb guide, group size, and what’s included, we offer excellent value.

Custom tours. Customized, private tours are big part of our business. We run dozens each year for bird clubs, conservation societies, families, groups of friends, world listers chasing down a last few targets, and even for other tour companies. For larger groups, a custom tour can even end up costing less per person than a scheduled tour, and you get to pick the dates and tweak the itinerary. We provide personalized service when you put together a custom tour, and our expert guides will help you design the perfect trip.

Why are we called “Tropical Birding”? Tropical Birding was formed in 2001 by several guides who were then living in South America and Africa. In the early years, nearly all of our tours were to tropical areas of those two continents. Since then, we have rapidly expanded, and now offer tours to locations far from the tropics, including far-flung, icy locations such as Alaska, South Georgia, and Svalbard. Regardless, the name has stuck!

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